Peach Girl Episode 24

After Momo chooses Touji over Kairi, Kairi proceeds to knock Touji over and kidnap Momo! He takes her off to tell her that he really does love her more than Misao, but she doesn't believe him.

Touji suggests that they go on a trip together and Momo is excited. Sae finds out what happened with Kairi and tries to cheer him up in her usual Sae way and says he needs to keep trying to win Momo back.

Of course Sae takes it on herself to tell Momo what happened with Kairi during the typhoon and of course Momo is shocked. She is even furthur shocked when she runs into Misao who explains more of Kairi's feelings to her. At this point she is very confused and not even sure if she can go meet with Touji in her current emotional state.

Touji is waiting at the station for Momo for over an hour while Sae and Kairi spy nearby. He gets up to leave just as Momo is running toward the station freaking out because she's late. When she gets there, she looks around frantically only to see that Touji is gone. Just as she's about to lose hope, Touji appears behind her holding two drinks and says he figured she would be running to meet him and might be thirsty (collective "awww"ing ensues). Momo hence seems pretty satisfied with her choice.


Oh Momo, so naive and confused. Anyways, I hope she doesn't forget all the things Touji did to hurt her as well. I mean he did most of it with good intentions, but still it was pretty stupid. Kairi did give Momo a lot of mixed signals and I understand why she would be uncomfortable with him (plus he can be a little too impulsive sometimes). Sae was more her usual coniving self in this episode, but she still seemed to be trying to help in a way. I kind of wonder why she's more loyal to Kairi as far as trying to help him out, but I figure it's just more interesting for her to try and screw a good thing up between Momo and Touji.

Last episode next time! We'll finally see who Momo ultimately ends up with (if anyone...). Hoooooray! =P


At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love peach girl it rocks im soooooooo happy thats mo mo,s with kairi. kariri,s sooo cute. i hope theres gona be more episodes. keep up the great work ^_^


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