Suzuka Episode 4

It's PE test day and Yamato is pretty psyched since he did really well in middle school with PE tests (except for one event...). However his attempt to impress Suzuka falls short as he pretty much only has average results with most things. He does however do really well at the 50 meter dash even though he had avoided it like the plague for a long time. This noticeably impresses Suzuka who is reminded of that mysterious guy in "the picture".

Suzuka seems to act a little strangely towards Yamato the rest of the day and the next day, staring at him and not really saying much. Yasunobu convinces Yamato that it's because she likes him, but he's not convinced. It's raining when Yamato leaves school and is about to ask Suzuka to share her umbrella with him, but she has to stay for weight training. He ends up waiting for her and she offers her umbrella, much to his surprise.

As they are walking home, they are splashed by a car and Suzuka grabs onto Yamato as it passes... She doesn't let go for awhile and then realizes what she's doing and walks away silently in the pouring rain while Yamato stares after her.


This was probably my favorite episode so far, mostly because of the last few minutes. The moment was really well done and actually made you feel the intensity of the situation. It's pretty obvious now that Suzuka has feelings for Yamato, but is hesitant because of the guy she obviously has a crush on from before. It's also not really in her personality to directly confront her feelings so I guess we'll just have to see how things develop from here. Plus it's waaaay too early in the series to come to any kind of resolution. =)


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Mista 'lAm0 said...

I bet that runner guy is related to him... older brother who passed away... or his alternate personality... or... gasp... evil twin who is a womanizer!

At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Epi said...

Hey Jeni (er Angel) what do you think... did Yamato hug Suzuka or not? Mentar over at Momento seemed to think so, but I disagree. From what we see it seems not, but then again Mentar's read the manga...


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