Suzuka Episode 5

Yamato wonders what Suzuka's actions on the rainy day meant, and catches her talking to a guy in the hall and making plans for after school. He gets angry and invites Yasunobu who invites Honoka to go Karaoke. Yamato runs away in the middle of it, while Yasunobu makes Honoka stay and listen to him, and goes off to find Suzuka. He catches Suzuka talking to the guy outside their apartment building and it turns out the guy just wanted to ask Yamato to join the track team. He refuses, saying he really isn't any good and that his 50 m dash was a fluke or something.

Yamato ponders what it's like to actually date someone and contemplates whether or not Suzuka really likes him or not. That night there's a blackout in their building and Suzuka comes over with a candle and seems quite scared of the thunderstorm. Yamato starts to ask about why she grabbed him in the rain that day, and she claims she was just avoiding the car. She and Yamato end up talking about their pasts and where they're from and stuff, and Suzuka clings to him when there is a loud outburst of thunder and lightening. The next day at school Yamato contemplates confessing to Suzuka, but ends up realizing he's happy with the way things are now, and doesn't want to ruin what he has with her.


Another good episode, but the constantly changing animation style is starting to bother me lately. While the show usually looks pretty good, some shots seem to look a little weird and it's almost like they can't figure out exactly how they want the characters to look. Pretty much all the close-ups are okay, but everything else looks weird sometimes. Ahh well, maybe I'll get used to it?

It seems like things may be at a standstill for awhile with Yamato and Suzuka's relationship since neither of them seem like their going to let the other know they like them any time soon. I'm fine with this as long as they develop some other aspects of the show and some of the other characters.


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