Paradise Kiss Episode 3

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Full Metal Panic: TSR Episode 13 & Series mini-Review

Sousuke seems to have pretty much given up after being told that Chidori's dead. However a few minutes later she shows up out of nowhere, scolding him of course as usual and proceeds to kick his ass. He's so in shock that she's alive and there that he doesn't really know what to do. However, this gives him the push he needed to go help his friends who are in dire need of it. Gates finishes off Yu-Fan (after playing around with her dead sister like a doll for awhile), and is about to wipe out Sousuke's friends, but he shows up in the nick of time (Lambda Driver working and all), and quickly beats all 5 venoms including Gates'.

Pretty much everything gets wrapped up after that, with Sousuke talking "crudely" to Tessa and making up with her, and him being reassigned to watch Chidori (taking a huge cut in salary). At the end, they still have not confessed their feelings to each other, but it's very apparent that it should happen fairly soon...


I was quite happy that the ending turned out well for everyone. After the end of episode 6 and all the way through episode 12, the series had taken a very serious and dark turn and while it was enjoyable in a way, watching it was pretty painful I must say. The story itself was very good, but seeing the characters in the situations they were placed in was somewhat torturous. However, this did allow us to see a side of Sousuke that we hadn't really seen before, mostly because he was acting human for once, all because of how strongly he cared for Chidori and her safety. We also saw that Chidori can be quite capable of taking care of herself in certain situations and even though she would prefer Sousuke to be there to watch over her, she obviously learned a lot from him.


Paradise Kiss Episode 2

Yukari is given 3 days to decide if she wants to be the model for Paradise Kiss and she seriously begins to consider it. She "coincidentally" runs into George at the library where she's trying to study and ends up having a little picnic with him afterwards. She tells him some of her problems with not knowing what to do with her life, and is surprised that he actually is listening to her.

The next day she decides to stop by Atelier (their hangout place) to say hi, and walks in on Miwako and Arashi about to get busy on the pool table. She and Miwako end up going to get some tea and Miwako reveals she saw the picture of Hiro in Yukari's student book. She and Arashi were childhood friends with Hiro, but they haven't seen each other for a long time. Yukari notices Miwako looks a little sad when talking about him and cheers her up by agreeing to be their model.

The next day they have a little party at Atelier and Yukari gets a little drunk on the champagne (since she thought it was non-alcoholic...) and ends up missing her cram-school. George takes her home and leans in as if to kiss her, but was apparently about to wipe the lipstick off her lips with a handkerchief. In any case, Yukari is quite flustered by the whole thing...


Well, this episode was definetly more interesting story-wise though I must say the animation was a little lacking at times. I was actually happy about the fact that the SD was used a little less and was a bit less obtrusive than in the last episode. Because I was watching the raw again, I kinda followed along with my trusty ParaKisu manga and everything was pretty much exactly like the manga, which I figure will be the case throughout the series.


Noein Episode 1

I think I'm going to wait til a better sub comes out before I write up a summary and all that, since I didn't really get a grasp of what exactly was going on.... or is that the point? =)

Anyways, this show was pretty impressive to be, however it had been hyped up by everyone else who had seen it so far, so of course it wasn't quite as mind-blowing as I had "expected". I did like it though, so I will continue watching it and possibly blogging it (unless 10 million other people are blogging it, which may very well be the case). The characters seem very likeable and there may be a really interesting story behind everything. And the animation/special effects? very nice, though the character design and the sketchy look to everything may take some getting used to for some.


Paradise Kiss Episode 1

Paradise Kiss is about a girl named Yukari who is a bit of the stuck-up studious type who gets in the mix with a bunch of free-spirited fashion design students and begins a life-changing journey of self discovery... yada yada yada. I've read the short 5 volume series twice, so I'm pretty familiar with the story so I was able to watch this raw without too much difficulty.

To put it short and simple, the fashion students, George (the leader and bisexual playboy), Isabella (the crossdressing "mom" of the group), Miwako (loli-ish cutie pie), and Arashi (Miwako's boyfriend and punk-type guy), need a model for their upcoming fashion show at school. Arashi spots Yukari and thinks she's perfect for the part and she ends up at their hang-out, she refuses to be their model flat out, but she forgets her student book there.

George brings it to her the next day and he agrees that she is perfect to be their model... He takes her to his school to get a makeover and then back to the hangout to show her off to the others. After she tries on some of their self-made clothes she starts to see their side of things a little bit...


I am actually quite happy with how this show turned out. It may not really be a replacement for Hachikuro, but I think it will definetly be enjoyable.

The first thing that hit me was that I really like the opening theme... a lot. It's very fitting for the show and the animation that goes with it is a good start to each episode. The music throughout is also quite good and unobtrusive. I also think using "Do You Want To?" by Franz Ferdinand was a perfect choice for the closing song, but I'm not a huge fan of the animation that goes with it.

The animation is quite good throughout the episode and I don't really have any issues with the character design (even tho Arashi is quite ugly in the show). I wasn't a fan of the SD however as it did not really seem necessary or look quite right mixed in the the usual design. I will probably get over this minor detail though.

The story was pretty much to a T exactly like the manga, so that makes me happy. I am a big fan of the manga and if the story stays pretty much true to it, I will have no problem at all.

Overall, I plan to continue watching and blogging... Someone sub this soon!