Happy Holidays and such!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! My birthday is today too, so that's cool I guess =B Hope you guys got what you wanted. I didn't get tooooo much, cause I got mostly practical stuff, but here's what I got:

Several pairs of scrubs (for my job/school)
A pair of nursing shoes
LOTS of giftcards (borders, petco, barnes&noble)
Chococat stuff
some shirts

Stuff I got with the monies/giftcards:

Cat tower for my kitties

Yah, my boyfriend and I both got PSPs. They're really cool! I'm playing Legend of Heroes right now, which is a pretty basic RPG, but I like it.

I also finally started playing "We Love Katamari" (I've had it since it came out months ago). Ahhh, it's so nice to play Katamari again...

Anyways, as for the blog... hopefully my anime watching will resume fairly soon, once I get bored of some of the other stuff a little more. I'm not sure if there are any good series coming out in January, but I'll look into that eventually.

Have a good New Year!



Yah, I kno I kinda stopped posting for awhile. Well, most of my problem is the combination of school, work and my serious WoW addiction. I can only hope that my will to continue this blog will return, but don't hold your breath or anything. =)