Well, looks like I'm retiring for now... not that anyone still looks here, lol.

I'm concentrating on school and work right now and catching anime now and again, but not consistantly enough to keep up the site.

Thanks to all that visited my site! And thanks to all the awesome bloggers out there whose posts I still enjoy!


Happy Holidays and such!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! My birthday is today too, so that's cool I guess =B Hope you guys got what you wanted. I didn't get tooooo much, cause I got mostly practical stuff, but here's what I got:

Several pairs of scrubs (for my job/school)
A pair of nursing shoes
LOTS of giftcards (borders, petco, barnes&noble)
Chococat stuff
some shirts

Stuff I got with the monies/giftcards:

Cat tower for my kitties

Yah, my boyfriend and I both got PSPs. They're really cool! I'm playing Legend of Heroes right now, which is a pretty basic RPG, but I like it.

I also finally started playing "We Love Katamari" (I've had it since it came out months ago). Ahhh, it's so nice to play Katamari again...

Anyways, as for the blog... hopefully my anime watching will resume fairly soon, once I get bored of some of the other stuff a little more. I'm not sure if there are any good series coming out in January, but I'll look into that eventually.

Have a good New Year!



Yah, I kno I kinda stopped posting for awhile. Well, most of my problem is the combination of school, work and my serious WoW addiction. I can only hope that my will to continue this blog will return, but don't hold your breath or anything. =)


Paradise Kiss Episode 3

summary to follow...


Full Metal Panic: TSR Episode 13 & Series mini-Review

Sousuke seems to have pretty much given up after being told that Chidori's dead. However a few minutes later she shows up out of nowhere, scolding him of course as usual and proceeds to kick his ass. He's so in shock that she's alive and there that he doesn't really know what to do. However, this gives him the push he needed to go help his friends who are in dire need of it. Gates finishes off Yu-Fan (after playing around with her dead sister like a doll for awhile), and is about to wipe out Sousuke's friends, but he shows up in the nick of time (Lambda Driver working and all), and quickly beats all 5 venoms including Gates'.

Pretty much everything gets wrapped up after that, with Sousuke talking "crudely" to Tessa and making up with her, and him being reassigned to watch Chidori (taking a huge cut in salary). At the end, they still have not confessed their feelings to each other, but it's very apparent that it should happen fairly soon...


I was quite happy that the ending turned out well for everyone. After the end of episode 6 and all the way through episode 12, the series had taken a very serious and dark turn and while it was enjoyable in a way, watching it was pretty painful I must say. The story itself was very good, but seeing the characters in the situations they were placed in was somewhat torturous. However, this did allow us to see a side of Sousuke that we hadn't really seen before, mostly because he was acting human for once, all because of how strongly he cared for Chidori and her safety. We also saw that Chidori can be quite capable of taking care of herself in certain situations and even though she would prefer Sousuke to be there to watch over her, she obviously learned a lot from him.